Pateu de ficat

homemade pate served with cranberry-jam


Szalonna pulyka

Hungarian salad with smoked turkey breast


Salata Dobrogeana

Romanian farm salad with homemade dressing


Dubrovnik Cocktail

grapefruit pieces served with pear liqueur


Cocktail ot Ratsi

Bulgarian crab cocktail


Gulyas Leves

the one and only real Hungarian Goulash soup


7 Ìcli Kofte

bulgurian meat balls


Platou Reçe

different types of Balkan salami


Borsh Supa

cup of clear chicken soup with vegetables


Boro Meze

a mix of our different starters


Sigara Böregi

pastry rolls filled with soft flavoured Greek feta cheese



Thin slices of raw meat served with pesto and Parmesan Cheese