About Boro and arrangements

Since 1977 ... .. Our history and love for grilling at the Oudegracht Traditional Grill Restaurant suitable for romantic dining.

We have a unique free starter. Boro Balkansaus. A self-made sauce with a light garlic flavor with homemade baguette, for which our guests come back worldwide in our specialty grill restaurant.

Popular is the Balkan Platte. A balanced mix of meat dishes flambéed at your table.

In addition to a la carte dinner we offer the possibility for a lunch buffet or dinner buffet from 15 persons. We will make a buffet in consultation with you.

Total arrangement

We have the possibility to make arrangements for total arrangement (dinner and drinks). There is also the possibility to rent the restaurant in its entirety.

3-course dinner + 3 drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee or tea) before € 45,00 each person

Party at Balkan Grill Boro

Our specialty grill restaurant has a spacious cellar with a bar, restaurant and two areas. You can contact us for a dinner with your company, gala or family dinner. Our unique wharf cellar offers the possibility of up to 150 persons.

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A boat trip through the Canal and food at Boro.

In cooperation with Schuttevaer we offer the combination of a 1 hour cruise through the unique Utrecht canals with a lunch or dinner in our grill restaurant on the wharf.

Lunch menu for € 28.45
After a round trip of 1 hour through the unique Utrecht canals you will have lunch with us. You can choose between soup with a sandwich, an omelette or a salad.

Three-course dinner Boro for € 59.95
After the 1 hour cruise you can dine in our restaurant: you can choose from a variety of starter, main courses and desserts. You will also receive three drinks. View our menu here.

Dinner unlimited BBQ for € 54.95
You make a 1 hour city trip through Utrecht past churches, town castles and mansions. Then get off for our restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty barbecue. The buffet consists of tomato soup, salads, different types of meat, saffron rice with vegetables and fruit.